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Hot Coffee, Scribd desktop uploader for Linux

Scribd Uploader

Scribd Uploader

Scribd supplied us with a nice program to upload document(s) to Here is their promoted features:

  • Upload many files at once from your desktop.
  • Edit titles, tags, and other metadata before uploading.
  • Quickly and easily manage bulk uploads, straight from your desktop.
  • Right-click to start uploading files directly to Scribd (Windows only).

Yes, they came with nice features. And a pretty user interface, I add. Mac The Windows version has also themed like Mac OSX theme. You can have Scribd desktop uploader, here:

Unfortunately, we don’t have any Linux version. Well, it’s weird. Why so? We can have multiplatform software using Java. We could write such software with Swing and using Scribd API, aren’t we?

So, three days ago (or four? I’m not really sure) I start to write a Scribd desktop uploader to use in my Ubuntu desktop. Fortunately, I wrote it with Java, so even I meant it to be ran in Ubuntu, it will also work in Windows and Mac OSX (well, I haven’t tested it yet). You can try it,

  1. Just download the package here.
  2. Extract the package, then you will have Scribd.jar and some files under lib directory.
  3. Just double click Scribd.jar (if you have installed Java Runtime Environment 1.6).
  4. You will have a login form where you should insert your valid Scribd username and password. If you don’t have one, please Signup first.

Here is the screenshot:

Hot Coffee

Hot Coffee

Then, last night I thought that it is better to share the code with everyone in the world because I knew this software is not well written at all. It’s just works. Well, everyone can see the code at Google Code.

Please try it. Give me critics to make Hot Coffee even better. Thanks.

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